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Monday, 12 February 2018

The Best Of The Best Magic Amulet: One Of The Most Powerful Phra Khun Paen “Buddha Pavilion Batch" 坤平

One Of The Most Powerful Phra Khun Paen Magic Amulets For Your LifeLong Enhancements

Discover Today To Make A Difference To Your Life 

Delivering This Special Batch Of Amulets To You~ We Only Wear Genuine & Legitimate Batch With Reputable Masters' Empowerment & Endorsement*

Real Enhancements & Magical Experiences For Realistic Users Only, We Do Not Wish To Waste Time On Stubborn People Who Are Living In Fairy Tales...

Tested & Proven Results From Users In Thailand, Singapore, UAE, Philippines, Malaysia, & Indonesia*** (International Recognition From My Users & Most* Effective Amulet Since Established)

Quoted From Our Happy Members - " Your amulets is GOOD...Not Only Good its VERY GOOD!", "Saney is strong very strong", "Tornado circulating", "No Enquires After Advertised For 06 Months, & Managed To Sell Off After Praying For 2 Weeks"

Note - Every Piece Are Specially Added With The Holy White Powders As Per Images Below !!!

Size: 2.8 cm Wide x 3.8 cm Height

Must Wear Above Waist Level

The Best Of The Best Magic Amulet: One Of The Most Powerful Phra Khun Paen “Buddha Pavilion Batch" 坤平

Red Color Version With Salika Takrut" - Holy Powders From Myanmar - 1 Pcs

The Best Of The Best Magic Amulet: One Of The Most Powerful Phra Khun Paen “Buddha Pavilion Batch" 坤平

" Yellow Golden Color Version With Salika Takrut" - Charming Herb Powders & Wan Dot Tong Flowers - 1 Pcs

The Best Of The Best Magic Amulet: One Of The Most Powerful Phra Khun Paen “Buddha Pavilion Batch" 坤平

" White Color Version With Copper Takrut" - Added with Holy materials including Holy chalk powder of Somdej Toh, Wat Ra Kang and Bang Khun Prom Chamber Powders

The Best Of The Best Magic Amulet: One Of The Most Powerful Phra Khun Paen “Buddha Pavilion Batch" 坤平

" Brown Color Version With Salika Takrut" - Mixture of Lo-Uttrara of LP Suang loung, LP O phasi, LP Kob powder, Dokbua Sawan (Flowers) - SOLD OUT

Infused With Many Rare & Powerful Old Holy Powders Collected Over A Period Of More Than 10 Years~ Must Have Item:

Tons Of Tested & Proven Results By Many People Since Released End Of Year Of 2014*

" Real Magic Experienced By My User - After The Special Black Version Phra Khun Paen amulet was added, previous amulet wearing by the user dropped out from gold chain surprisingly without unhooking or the steel ring opened !!! He checked the gold chain and nothing was damaged except the "white color amulet" dropped out from chain. "

Are You Wasting Your Time On Questionable* Amulets In The Market? Do You Know - We Have Over 1000 Recorded Magic Experiences & Testimonial Worldwide Since Founded In 2013

Cased In Real Gold By Member

Enhanced User In UAE DUBAI

Enhanced Experiences From My PHILIPPINE's User

Not Only For Charm??? Also Superb For Wish Praying!!!

Collected & Wear After One Day~

Special Phenomenon***

And many many more...

Powerful Combination Of Takrut Naga & Phra Khun Paen From One Of Our Member~ Takrut Golden Naga Info Iink >>>

Another User Encased in Beautiful Gold Color Case

Encased In Basic Waterproof Casing

Note - Users May Experience Headache or Dizziness Due To The High Vibration/Energy Item, After Few Days Of Wearing You Should Be Fine~

General Enhancements & Effects: (Note - All Version Are Chanted In The Same Ceremonies)
  • Boosting Your Loving-kindness, Attraction & Charm (Metta & Maha Saney) Greatly
  • Super Power securing Good Fortune in Businesses/Sales, Wealthy Fetching & Windfall/Gambling/Investment luck (e.g. 4D/TOTO)
  • New Career advancements & opportunities; Improves your BENEFACTOR'S LUCK
  • Boost your Luck and Fortune tremendously; Change Bad To Good Luck; Overcome Obstacles in life (Magnified Your Luck)
  • Salika Takrut* Boost Your Persuasiveness, Convincing & Influencing Power
  • Protection against Dangers, Harm & Negativity Energies
and many many more...
Especially For You:
  • To anticipate new financial territories and opportunities that can fuel your finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook
  • Pray Your Wishes & Be Helped
Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand & Blessing For This Batch *Only For You*:
  • LP Piak, Disciple Of LP Yaem (Wat Sam Ngam)
  • Archan Nikom (Famous For Charming & Wealth Luck Magic)
  • LP Anek, Wat PreeDaRarm (Disciple Of LP Sawai & Current Abbot)
  • LP Perm, Wat Pom Gaew (Famous For His Phra Phrom Amulets, Disciple Of LP Doo)
  • LP Keaw,Wat Poo Noi, Amnat Charoen province
  • Archan Ao, Phetchabun province
  • LP Ya Kun Jun, Wat Par Jao Sua, Ubon Ratchathani province
Composition Of All Holy Materials Collected From Above Masters:
  • 50% Of the Specific Holy Powders For Each Version
  • Magic Powder Ball Embedded With Every Pieces
  • Version Embedded With Takrut Salika (Optional)

360 Degree Of The Amulet:

Your Absolute Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!!! Highest Quality!!!

Discover Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back For More?

Special Katha & Instructions Will Be Provided Upon Purchased If Any. (Siam Gallery Don't Provide Katha To Users that bought their Amulets from other IRRESPONSIBLE & UNETHICAL SOURCES)

All Amulets Are Limited, So Act Now !!! 100% Directly From Temples !!! Don’t Miss Out !!!

Subject To Courier Fee, Shipping Worldwide & Case Wrapping Fee (Optional)

Accept PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union.

For More Info:
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